Object in Focus - Kodak Camera

Kodak launched their model 1 Brownie in 1952. This was one of the most popular cameras. Two other Brownie 127 models, which have subtle differences, were manufactured a few years later. Kodak cameras began being manufactured in the UK after the Eastman Photographic Materials Company purchased a seven-acre site in Harrow in 1890.

By the 1950s the search was on for another site for processing facilities. The new town of Hemel Hempstead was eventually chosen owing to its work force, communications and its plentiful supply of water. In early 1957 Kodak took over the lease of the Rolls Razor Company’s premises on Maylands Avenue.

By 1960 the Kodachrome film processing unit, and the reversing print service, Kodak Colour Prints, had moved from Harrow to Maylands Avenue. By then the Division had supporting services such as engineering, accounts, stores, personnel and a canteen. Kodak also opened distribution and printing facilities in Swallowdale Lane.



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