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The Science Behind Fireworks

This resource aims to inspire and connect your pupils with science topics in new and interesting ways. The Science behind Fireworks looks at the story of the Brocks Fireworks factory. Using this story as inspiration, we investigate how fireworks change colour, how fireworks fly up and how fireworks go bang.  Alongside the new digitalise resources, within this resource you will find science experiments that you can create in the classroom.

'Yes, we enjoyed having the box 100%'

Digital resources include a link to a ten minute film, which shows information about Brocks Fireworks and a scientist demonstrating the science behind fireworks.  Other digital resources include link to a PowerPoint presentation to the history of Brocks and further links to videos of historical footage.

In the physical box we have included the equipment for at least three experiments which you can carry out in the classroom.  One of the most popular experiments being stomp rockets and ideas to test out different rocket designs and measuring tapes to test out how far they travel.  Within a resource pack you will find further suggested activities, instructions on how to use the box and worksheets/activities you can photocopy.  These link either to the film or PowerPoint or suggested activities.

This resource is funding by The Royal Society as part of the Places of Science programme.  This box was successfully trailed at five local schools. The pilot meant that teachers were part of the development of the new resource, allowing us to trial out our ideas in a real classroom.

How did the pupils react to the box:-

'They all enjoyed it, especially the experiments'

'Positively, it helped them to understand the purpose of investigations.'

'All focused on it – even reception'

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