Dacorum 30:30 creating a resilient future

Dacorum Heritage Trust Awarded £91,000 by The National Lottery Heritage Fund for Dacorum Heritage 30:30 Development Project

Dacorum Heritage Trust has been granted initial support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund to embark on a transformative project, Dacorum Heritage 30:30, announced today. This significant funding of £91,000 will enable the Trust to conduct a comprehensive analysis and planning initiative, shaping the future of heritage services in the Dacorum area.
The Dacorum Heritage 30:30 project, aligning with the Trust's 30th anniversary and projecting 30 years into the future, commences In December, and concludes in April 2024.
This ambitious undertaking involves a series of scoping studies and action plans, including a stakeholder consultation exercise, collections condition review, physical infrastructure requirements statement, volunteer development plan, and fundraising feasibility study. The project aims to address urgent challenges faced by Dacorum Heritage Trust, to ensure a sustainable and conducive home that enables it to operate at its full potential as a heritage facility.
The Dacorum Heritage 30:30 project is not only a response to immediate challenges but also a strategic initiative to create a resilient and relevant heritage service for the Dacorum area.

It aims to:

  • Increase public engagement through stakeholder consultation, ensuring the voice of the local community is central to DH's plans.
  • Enhance understanding of the Collection, tailor projects, and create opportunities that increase access to meaningful heritage for communities in Dacorum.
  • Safeguard heritage for future generations and ensure future building plans meet the needs of both the Collection and the community.

The Dacorum Heritage 30:30 project aligns seamlessly with broader heritage conservation and community development goals. Following the project, a comprehensive plan will be in place to care for and conserve existing and future collections, identify skill development opportunities for staff, volunteers and the wider community, raise heritage awareness in Dacorum and beyond, and contribute to environmental sustainability and community wellbeing.
Housed in a converted fire station in Berkhamsted since its inception in 1993, the Dacorum Heritage preserves over 130,000 artefacts spanning from Neolithic times to the present day. The collection includes paintings, photographs, documents, archaeology, textiles, and local history artefacts, providing a comprehensive insight into the rich history and culture of the Dacorum area as well as the wider British culture.

Commenting on the award, Fiona Page Chair of the Trustees said, "We’re thrilled to receive this support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. This funding is a crucial step toward securing a vibrant future for Dacorum's heritage, shaped by the voices and visions of our community."


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