Our 30th anniversary plans

So, you all must be wondering what are we planning to do to commemorate this huge milestone?

The first activity of the year is the much-needed website redesign.  We’ve already started working on this, with the final website design going live in the spring.  Some of the first drafts are looking really promising with bright and bold colours, and a modern layout.

Last year, when we were still in the process of writing our funding application, we asked you to provide feedback on our website.  The results told us what we had already known, but your responses really helped us to demonstrate how we all felt about our website.

The overwhelming majority of people who responded to the survey believed that the website had lots of room for improvement with many pointing out how the website felt out-of-date and had very little in the way of easily accessible content. User feedback across all age groups focused almost exclusively on this as a major drawback of the site with many saying that they found the lack of images compared to the amount of text overwhelming.  We couldn’t agree more.

Therefore, as a result of this, we hope in the spring you will see that we have created a much more user-friendly, modern and inspiring website. We have made the new site much more accessible by optimising the design for phones and tablets for the first time.

After our new website is set up, we plan to share 30 objects from our collection.  We have chosen 30 of our most interesting and extraordinary objects from the collection to highlight throughout the year.  We will be sharing these 30 objects for our 30th anniversary in a number of ways.  This includes here through our newsletter, our website and social media.  Over the summer we hope to create a walking tour around towns, starting in Hemel Hempstead.  Using a QR code, each step will take you to our website to learn more about one of the 30 objects.

We would like to thank our funders for this opportunity to work on our new website: firstly Dacorum Borough Council Community Fund and secondly the Hertfordshire Association of Museums small grant scheme, who both made it all possible.


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